I was unsure about Reverse Mortgages, but Susan really helped simplify the whole process. After it was completed, my lawyer told me it was the smartest financial choice I ever made…and I thought, OK….Right on”

Los Angeles, CA

“Reverse Mortgages sounded too good to be true…we thought there had to be some kind of catch. Susan was awesome and helped us every step of the way through it, and it turned out to be a great decision”

Orange County, CA

“We wouldn’t have been able to have done a Reverse Mortgage right if it hadn’t been for Susan…and there is no doubt about that in my mind. We spoke with many different Reverse Mortgage specialists and Susan blew me away with how easy she made it.”

Anaheim, CA

“I was referred to Susan by a friend who was involved in the Orange County Chamber Of Commerce. After I met with her, I knew she was the one to go to for any reverse mortgage help. Susan made it really simple and after I got the reverse mortgage my life made a drastic turn for the better. I no longer had a monthly mortgage payment and could spend money on my grand kids!

Los Angeles, CA

“I think that a Reverse Mortgage is a great way to go. My house was paid for but I had very little income for everyday necessities. After doing a Reverse Mortgage, I was able to stay in my home and live a worry free retirement. Thank you Susan!”

Mission Viejo, CA