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I’m a  Specialist for Reverse mortgages in the state of California. I’ve been a representative and a leading authority in Reverse Mortgages since 2005, and have helped many Seniors all over the state of California.

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We understand getting a Reverse Mortgage is a tough decision, that’s why California Reverse Mortgage was created to help seniors make the right choice when looking into getting a Reverse Mortgage. We are dedicated to providing you with all the necessary information you need to make the process easier. Please browse through our website, and don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions at all.


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Get the facts about Reverse Mortgages and read the frequently asked questions many people ask. Reverse Mortgage FAQ


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Susan Domino is a Reverse Mortgage specialist and has many years of experience. She understands it’s a difficult decision and can help you make the right decision. Reverse Mortgage Specialist

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Welcome to Reverse Mortgage California

I am a member of the California Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association. Many are familiar with the basics of Reverse Mortgage…. and if you’re not then you have come to the right place.  To be eligible for a Reverse Mortgage California you need to be at least 62 or older, you need to have some equity in your home and the home must be your primary residence. Your home value and your age are what qualify you and determine your eligibility for a Reverse Mortgage. As a Reverse Mortgage Specialist I believe the most important question that you should ask yourself is “What do you need a Reverse Mortgage to accomplish for you?”  Here at Reverse Mortgage California the primary goal is to help you decide if this FHA approved loan may or may not be a good option for you, and if your unique situation can benefit from a reverse mortgage.

Are You Looking To:

  • Get Rid of  your Mortgage Payment each Month?
  • Get Extra Monthly Income?
  • Have Money put away for Emergencies?
  • Make Improvements on Your Home?
  • Need Money for Medications & Healthcare?

There’s Three essential steps to making an educated decision 
about Reverse Mortgages…

1st STEP is to see whether you qualify for Reverse Mortgage In California.  And if so what amount of cash is accessible to you. 2nd STEP, once we know the amount of money available we need to determine the right program to meet your needs. At this time you will need to set up 3rd party counseling. This is a HUD requirement and it is for your own protection. I can help provide you with a list of counselors to assist you.

3rd STEP is the point at which we decide if this program is the solution you are looking for. A Reverse Mortgage California is not for everybody and it is not a quick fix solution! It is a great financial tool, when it is utilized effectively. My goal is to walk you through these 3 steps… figure out your objectives and answer all your inquiries along the way. At that point the choice is yours… after these 3 steps you will have the ability to make an educated decision. Do you need to pay off debt, cover medical expenses or help out your kids? If you are at least 62 years old, an FHA insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) may help make your life more enjoyable and stress free.  Whether you use your reverse mortgage to pay off credit cards and other bills, to travel, for home repairs or to increase your cash flow, you will enjoy a new independence with a loan that is safe and secure.

More about Reverse Mortgage California

So if a reverse mortgage sounds like something you would like to explore let’s start by seeing how much you may qualify for. By step 3 you will have all the information you require to discover if a Reverse Mortgage is a good fit for you. This site is an extensive one-stop asset utilized by seniors all over the state of California. As a top reverse mortgage lender I abide by the California Reverse Mortgage Laws and if you live in Orange County and are interested in a Orange County reverse mortgage or if you live in Los Angeles or Los Angeles County I can help teach you all the aspects about a Los Angeles reverse mortgage. See the topics below that will address your inquiries about Reverse Mortgage California:

  • Questions about a Reverse Mortgage California
  • Here are the fundamentals of a California Reverse Mortgage
  • What is a Reverse Mortgage? How Can they help me?
  • Reverse Mortgage Purchase Program
  • Situation Examples – Reverse Mortgage functions and examples
  • Testimonials from Real Clients
  • Use Our Free Reverse Mortgage Calculator